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Of Time, the Elements

and Their Essence


Published as a companion to my first solo exhibition, 'Of Time, the Elements and their Essence'. It features a collection of morning walk montage series photographs, montages and some paintings. 

To acquire, please inquire :)

Queen of Sheba; The Singapore Sidewalk 

(A Book in a Box) 

A series of 48 postcards of morning walk photographs. This format allows you shuffle through the images and walk a different path each time, just like I vary the routes around my neighbourhood lanes each day.


To acquire, please inquire :)

offerings 25 September 2018 IMG_3124.jpg

A Selection of Montages from The Morning Walk Montage Series (Calender Style Publication)

A selection of 16 morning walk monatges. Preesenting them in this format gives the flexibility of choosing which to display or else to frame them to brighten up any room. They weave stories and I hope you  would enjoy them. 

To acquire, please inquire :)

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