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Aristotle said “In everything of nature there is something of the marvellous”. 


This photographic series records the visual poetry I have been observing underfoot and around us, on the pavements and roadsides. They are serendipitous finds photographed mainly in situ,  never plucked. Some of the found materials such as leaves, twigs etc come back to the studio and are photographed against paintings in progress to form montages and also imprint into and inspire my monotypes and paintings. 


 The pavements are an everchanging canvas, subject to the capriciousness of the elements as much as the detritus that falls on them and I am too. The 'life journey' of each leaf, flower, seed pod or other detritus like ours is a testament to time, the elements they have been exposed to - such as wind, rain, heat and to that intangible essence which makes each, of them and us, unique.


These daily intersections are documented “as found’ on my iPhone camera (nothing is plucked, or photoshopped). Facebook and Instagram provide a platform to share these discoveries and observations with a larger community. 

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